Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Ultimate bro team

Just a quick one today, while I had the photo booth setup I thought I'd take a family portrait of the finished primarchs. 

I think this phot really shows the base size creep that's taken place over the life of the character series, Horus' base is massive! 

But then he is the big cheese so that makes sense too. 

I took a bunch more pics of the WIP word bearers and a couple of other projects I have rattling round, so expect a couple of weeks with 1 or 2 posts each as I ration them out. 

Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Just a bunch of misunderstood blokes trying to get a fair go..

    They look mint mate, great job!

    1. Thanks mate, they're clearly victims of profiling.

      They didn't choose the thug life, the thug life choose them.

  2. Nice family shot. When do we get to see Kurze? Come on, give us Kurze.

    Angron's was done before Lorgar and his base is larger...

    1. Kurze will probably have to wait until after the move, and after I do at least one squad of your infantry!

      True of the inserts, but lorgars scenic base it substantially larger then angrons

    2. I won't complain about that. You want another Primarch picked up from the Weekender?

      But you didn't post the full bases as evidence...