Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Kheres Mortis complete

Hello again. Welcome to another update of my rambling towards completing a Sons of Horus army, Today I present the completed Kheres pattern Mortis contemptor.

This guy came together quickly in the end, probably because I rushed him, and because I fell into the trap of over weathering him. I'm not unhappy with the results until I put the two completed dreads together and compare them, the first has a much more controlled application of chipping which I prefer the finish of.

Anyway, here's the pics:

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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Tac squad and Rhino done!

I apologise for the lack of recent updates, I'd like to say its been because I've been busy, but I've just been lazy.

But putting that behind me, I found my mojo, and its been a busy couple of days here at Casa de Sheep, the results of which I present to you now.

Here's the finished Tactical squad #3

As you can see they are armed with a missile launcher and plasma gun, for general duties, I think this load out is pretty straightforward and can threaten most things on the table.

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