Thursday, 20 August 2015

Word Bearers Boss-man

Every army needs a general, and Word bearers armies apparently need 2 compulsory HQ's, so here's the first of mine, the "obviously a bad guy, I don't know how we fooled the Ultramarines at all" Diabolgist.

 Long time followers of the blog might recognize him as the WIP World Eaters Praetor from awhile ago, just modified somewhat.

Apart from some minor alterations, the majority of the model stayed the same, I replaced the purity seals with the more WB parchments, added some skulls to the jetpack, which were supposed to be from his victims at Istvaan.

Oh and added horns, stops him wearing a helmet, but really drives home the fact he is an evil bastard, and the source of all the daemons I plan on painting for this force.

 The book has a subtle hint as to what god the planned Daemons will be from.

The broken symbol he's standing on is a cast I made of an old Buldog buckle company key chain, I think it makes a nice broken symbol of Calth, and is symbolic of the betrayal of the WB's in that theatre.

Initially I had tried to paint the legion numerals of the Salamanders, Ravenguard, and Iron hands, on the skulls, but they were just too long and detailed to fit onto such a small space convincingly.

Leading from the front . . . gets you killed now days in 40k/30k.

This final photo has been included because I think the colour is slightly more representative of the actual tone of the armour.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Word Bearers Legion Symbol

Hey guys, just a quick one on the legion symbol I have had to free hand on all the miniatures I've finished so far.

Initially I tried to do the above symbol, but found it too time consuming, especially for tactical marines, and assault marines that will just die in droves.

I did one on Barry the test model, just to try it out, abut couldn't fit the daemon face into such a small space convincingly (its really distressing to spent so long free handing something, only to add battle damage to it as well).

Originally found on From the warp, I make no claim to this awesomeness

Then I found the above Image on From the warp, a now sadly inactive blog, and it saved my bacon.

Much easier to paint, and according to the FW books, still canon and current to the campaign on Calth and beyond, all the bases covered I can carry this on to all the rest of the units, and save the more complicated symbols for tanks, dreadnoughts etc that warrant a bit extra attention.

Cheers for checking in.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Bearers of the Word, Muster

Welcome one and all to another post that starts off with an apology for failing at updating, sorry about that . . . 
Inspiration for my scheme

As usual though, after a long hiatus I have pics of finished minis to make up for it.

 Its been along time since I painted anything for the Horus Heresy that wasn't for my Sons, the last thing I painted was that test world eater, who coincidently has been repainted to make it into this squad, he was the test again, and just turned out well enough to not need another re-re-paint.

Quite happy with how the metallic red has come out, it is a Vallejo model air colour, "Signal Red", there are several layers of GW washes to bring it down to a more muted colour though.

The eyes on these are yellow, not green as in the inspiration picture, not for some paint theory reason, but because I don't actually own any green paints! Surprised the hell out of me actually.

The only things I can't get to work are the inscribed geometric symbols in their armour, I  have actually repainted armour panels that I just felt it wasn't working on, like the chest of the guy with pelvic parchments.

I'll have another couple of posts on these guys coming up, and have a few more at the base coat stage. Funnily enough, while base coating my airbrush carked it, so these are the first models I have painted, entirely with brush, in a very long time.

It is also actually a really hard scheme to photo graph well, so I apologise for the quality of the pictures, I really need to set up a proper light box one of these days.

Thanks for looking, and hopefully I'll have something else for you all shortly.