Friday, 4 December 2015

Next cab off the rank: Angron

Hello everyone, welcome to my series of Primarch posts.

I've had a collection of Primarchs building up in the background for quite a while, but they've been on the back burner as I finished units for gaming as a priority and uni got in the way.

Since I finished Horus however I've been making steady progress on the backlog and Angron is the second Primarch to be finished.

The model is from my recollection the oldest primarch in circulation, and the sculpt and basing style certainly shows its age. There has been a steady increase in the size and complexity of the bases in the character series, not entirely for the better. I would prefer FW to offer a gaming choice that comes without the over the top display bases for a more reasonable price, but that may just be me.

To that end I've actually decided not to paint the display bases for the rest (most) of the primarchs, providing me with fodder for conversions and objectives, as well as saving alot of room in the display case as well.

I have also decided to paint the remaining primarchs to a good TT standard to get them ready for some gaming. There was talk of a Primarch death match series at some of the tournaments in Brisbane which I think would be really interesting.

As you can see from the photos, I have experimented with a darker background for the pics this time, oddly it seems to make the images of the models lighter, and I actually had to dim the lights so the images didn't look too washed out.

Which background do you prefer? What do you think of AngryRon, is he showing his age, or holding up well?