Friday, 29 January 2016

Mhara gal WIP 2

Some more progress has been made on the sculpting of my BaC contemptor conversion. 

One of the most important changes I think is the addition of the FW contemptor feet, they really are vastly superior to the plastics. 

The shins were filled with putty off cuts glued in side then a plug of gs was stuck in to provide the foot something to push against and not waste too much putty. 

Another breakthrough was learning how to sculpt ruptured armour. I can't recommend clay shaper sculpting tools enough. They really are a maxing and allow for a much better control when manipulating the gs because it won't stick to the tools. 

I'm at a loss at the moment as to what direction the plasma cannon arm will take. 

Thanks for stopping in and looking. 

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