Saturday, 30 January 2016

Gal vorbak on deck

Hi guys, welcome to another post about the Word Bearers.

I recently played in the first Inferno of the year in Brisbane, Inferno is a Horus Heresy narrative campaign tournament played 4 times throughout the year, with escalating points. 

The first Inferno was a tactical strike tournament with a heavy focus on zone mortalis. 

Here's a few pics of the tournament:

Stolen from the Eye of Horus podcasts Facebook page (I recommend giving them a listen too if you like HH, and don't mind Australian aka swearing)

As is usual for me I used the upcoming tournament as motivation to finish a unit from bare resin to varnish. 

Considering the strength of Gal Vorbak in the tactical strike arena, and low points levels, they got bumped to the head of the queue. 

As is usual for me too I needed to make the models unique, by adding plastic components from the WHFB spawn kit that came out years ago. 

I also won players choice which was amazing, and a shock considering the high quality of armies on display. Thanks to everyone who voted for me and all my opponents for great games! 

I should also say that the traitors carried the day, shutting the imperials out of their spaceport and granting us a small bonus in the next Inferno in May. 

Thanks for bearing with me through this long winded post. 


  1. Sheep you glorious bastard, superb work. Was wondering what to do to add some flavour to my Gal Vorbak and to stop the 10 man squad looking the same. Nicely done mate.

    1. Thank you mate, glad I could help, the sculpts are beautiful but the repetition does get annoying, and they are all so individual doubles stick out like dogs balls.

  2. Very, very cool - love the use of spawn bits, brilliant addition to the models, man! Congrats on the award as well!

    1. Thanks mate, really happy with how they turned out.

      I always love winning players choice, because it's voted for by the players, so it means a lot more then someone who just dominated in the tabletop with an unpainted army.

  3. Holy Warp Magic, Batman! Thems cool Gal Vorbak