Friday, 4 September 2015

More Sons of Horus Reinforcements

Just a quick one today, I've had 3 Terminators sitting in my miniatures case half painted for ages, probably going on 18 months!

Consequently they were incredibly quick to finish off, only taking me one day of intermittent painting.

These take my current termis to 8 + a Praetor, lucky i have a Spartan to take them up the guts in.

Hopefully I will have something else to put up soon, maybe some more infinity, but the response to those was a bit muted so I don't think I'll spend too many posts on them and stick to HH and 40k.

Either way, the next few week will be quiet as the Uni year ramps up to exams, and I move house, which will obviously involve the packing of the studio (desk) and downtime before its set up again I'll need to buy a new compressor for my Airbrush too, as the industrial one I have now is inappropriate for the new apartment.

Anyone have any recommendations for a quiet compressor you can use inside?

Hopefully when I return the quality of photos will improve dramatically, I bought a Foldio2 collapsible studio on a whim, and having seen some reviews I'm confident even I can't screw it up, just need to make/buy a back ground for it.

Cheers for stopping by.