Monday, 24 September 2012

Sons of Horus Tactical demi-squad done

The pics of UK games day have gotten my creative juices bubbling. And I managed for finish the first 5 infantry figures for the Sons. As you can see I am continuing with the battle warn beaten to hell look of the marines,and persevering with the sea green scheme because I think the official FW scheme looks like shit.

FW have also changed the eye of horus they are using, these guys sport the updated one, and the original contemptor will be the odd one out with the old style. I am considering whether or not to pick up some of the decal, or continue with the freehanding of the symbols.

Each of the marines also has a chaos star of some type free handed onto their armour somewhere, though most of them got so battle damaged its hard to make them out.

It was my first attempt at using the airbrush to do this style of power weapon, and I must say I really like the effect. I would have preferred a purple, but I didn't have the right colours, and impatience won out.

Next is assembling the rest of the squad, and deciding what out of all the awesome FW goodies I want next!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Contemptor #2 - Kheres Mortis

Managed to get a day of modelling in as a reward for finishing all my assignments, and this is what I knocked out.

Kheres Contemptor 
Being the poor uni student that I am now I was forced to make the arms myself. I had previously cast the multimelta for a failed autocannon conversion, so I used it as a base. The ammo hopper is from the front mount of a Leman Russ MBT, the assault cannon barrels are from the stormravens I built for the khorne wing. Cyclone is from the termi box, again because I'm cheap.

The groin had to be cast as well, because I didn't receive one in the package whan I bought him, and seeing as I could, and it would take weeks and alot of hassle to get a replacement I thought this was easier.

I tried really hard to make the cowering fist look like he was actually afraid. It wasnt actually working til i remembered I had a fine cast termi Librarian left over from my conversion for the GK's I never finished.

In the eventual list #2 will play flyer defence, Bs 5 skyfire and 12 assault cannon shots, and 2 krak missiles will ruin most flyers days.