Tuesday, 6 December 2011

End is in sight!

Back again with more completed models, and tales of woe.

Twins, only both of them are uglier then Danny Devito

The eventual goal of this army has always been Adepticon, however I played in a "local" (QM IV - 200ish kms away) tournament 2 weekends ago, and I've always said I would love to take a new painted army to each of them if I won best painted. So in my hubris I submitted the BA list thinking it'd motivate me to finish. It didn't :(

But I still came 20th out of 54, a result I'm fairly happy with considering the complete lack of scoring units in a tournament with 4 objective based missions!

I find my painting mojo is either completely sapped or recharged by these events, unfortunately it was the former this time, and since the last update all I've managed to achieve is finishing the pods and the last 2 dreads.

The last 2 dreads are the "alpha strike" component of the list, dropping in and neutralizing  what ever the greatest armoured threat is on the table, well thats the plan.

It worked properly twice in 5 games, one game the 1st turn pod earnt me a landraider kill, and another game I got a predator by dragging it into combat with me, and using its wreckage as cover for my opponents shooting phase :D

Now I just have to finish the infantry and I can move onto painting something for fun, or profit. Or both if I paint an eBay experiment paladin list.

Also I'd like to pass on my thanks to all the new followers I have, you all make it feel worthwhile posting from the gaming wasteland that is my home town.