Sunday, 15 November 2015

Horus the Warmaster

Hi everyone, back from the dead again.

So recently I have moved house and as any gamer or modeler who's goes through this ordeal knows it involves packing and unpacking that most sacred space, the hobby table.

This can be painful, there's a lot of stuff, some of it get broken and things get lost, and it can take a while to get setup again.

Once you do though, it's like a blank slate, none of those half finished projects sitting there staring at you accusingly, no bits of offcuts and chucks of sprue lying around. It can be invigorating to tackle something new.

So with the constant heckling of Rictus I managed to finish the first of my Primarch miniatures, and I started with the big cheese himself, Horus.

This is the first miniature I have painted in a long time that didn't require the use of an airbrush, every step was done using standard brushes, and man am I rusty, it took along time to get back into the swing of blending highlighting and not weathering.

The cloak was shaded with purple inks, to give it a depth, but not be so dark as to be all black, I found that when I tried to use straight black to shade the cloak lost a lot of its regal appearance.

I hope the pictures are a lot better, as I finally invested in a photo booth setup, I bought a Foldio 2, which is a really nice product, easy to use and set up, though not exactly cheap.

I hope to do some experimentation with photo backgrounds, and might reshoot some of my old minis that I've done to test them out.

I also have 4 more Primarchs to paint (and another I just ordered) so expect some more painting progress in the not too distant future.

Like everyone else involved in HH I have bought a couple of sets of Battle for Calth and will be using them to start my third legion force, so watch that for developments when I finally get them in my hands.

Thanks for sticking around and reading this wall of text if you have, and thanks for stopping by, I hope to increase the tempo and consistency of posts to the blog, but we've all heard me say that before.