Saturday, 30 January 2016

Gal vorbak on deck

Hi guys, welcome to another post about the Word Bearers.

I recently played in the first Inferno of the year in Brisbane, Inferno is a Horus Heresy narrative campaign tournament played 4 times throughout the year, with escalating points. 

The first Inferno was a tactical strike tournament with a heavy focus on zone mortalis. 

Here's a few pics of the tournament:

Stolen from the Eye of Horus podcasts Facebook page (I recommend giving them a listen too if you like HH, and don't mind Australian aka swearing)

As is usual for me I used the upcoming tournament as motivation to finish a unit from bare resin to varnish. 

Considering the strength of Gal Vorbak in the tactical strike arena, and low points levels, they got bumped to the head of the queue. 

As is usual for me too I needed to make the models unique, by adding plastic components from the WHFB spawn kit that came out years ago. 

I also won players choice which was amazing, and a shock considering the high quality of armies on display. Thanks to everyone who voted for me and all my opponents for great games! 

I should also say that the traitors carried the day, shutting the imperials out of their spaceport and granting us a small bonus in the next Inferno in May. 

Thanks for bearing with me through this long winded post. 

Mhara gal, Arktun the anointed WIP

Just a quick one today, talking to Rictus about what I should do with my contemptor from the Battle at Calth set, and he suggested a Mhara gal. 

Considering the plan is had up til then was terrain, I immediately grabbed the gs and the bitz box. This is the first gs session wit minimal thought and rouge thumbs ruining my work.

One thing I wanted to carry over was the animal skull and teeth from the gal vorbak, as I found them to be some of the freshest and creepiest details on the gal vorbak kit. 

More WIP shots soon. Thanks for looking. 

Friday, 29 January 2016

Mhara gal WIP 2

Some more progress has been made on the sculpting of my BaC contemptor conversion. 

One of the most important changes I think is the addition of the FW contemptor feet, they really are vastly superior to the plastics. 

The shins were filled with putty off cuts glued in side then a plug of gs was stuck in to provide the foot something to push against and not waste too much putty. 

Another breakthrough was learning how to sculpt ruptured armour. I can't recommend clay shaper sculpting tools enough. They really are a maxing and allow for a much better control when manipulating the gs because it won't stick to the tools. 

I'm at a loss at the moment as to what direction the plasma cannon arm will take. 

Thanks for stopping in and looking. 

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Blood bowl

Just a quick one today. 

As I'm sure everyone is aware gw is bringing back Blood bowl! In eager anticipation I found my old human team, stripped them and did a quick test mini. 

The colour scheme is based off of my NFL teams colors, the Baltimore Ravens. 

The base will be finished with agrellean earth and some grass tufts I think. There is also a small piece of steel from a used exacto blade on the base for attaching a magnetized ball. 

I will ofcourse be buying the new plastic set when it is released (2017 apparently) but hope to have these guys done so I can jump straight into playing a league on release. 

Also, how great are the new genestealer cult! I will be buying some asap and have nefarious plans to use them in 30k as cults and militia, maybe including my prvious ad mech stuff as well. More on that when it happens.

Thanks for looking. 

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Ultimate bro team

Just a quick one today, while I had the photo booth setup I thought I'd take a family portrait of the finished primarchs. 

I think this phot really shows the base size creep that's taken place over the life of the character series, Horus' base is massive! 

But then he is the big cheese so that makes sense too. 

I took a bunch more pics of the WIP word bearers and a couple of other projects I have rattling round, so expect a couple of weeks with 1 or 2 posts each as I ration them out. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Aurelian, Lorgar of the Word Bearers

Welcome to another belated update. 

Firstly as to why it's been so delayed, I'm expecting an addition to my life shortly, a baby girl, this as you can imagine is equal parts terrifying and exciting for me and has absorbed a lot of time and the kid hasn't even been born yet! She's due to arrive in 6 or so weeks so expect updates to be even slower than they have been after that. 

In other news I've finished Aurelian, Lorgar of the Word Bearers. 

As you can see he's only been done to a decent table top standard as he was batch painted with a bunch of tactical marines, and I actually ran out of Baal red during painting him.

I replaced to top of his crozius with a plastic piece from my bitz box (the warriors of chaos I think) as I lost part of the resin original in a house move. 

All in all I'm pretty happy with how he has turned out, and will post some more progress pics of the word bearers as soon as I can take pics of them.