Thursday, 12 July 2012

Group shot

So all the completely assembled models before primer.

I hadn't realised until I took this pic that the contemptor and Sgt model were in such a similar pose, guess I'll have to add some more variety to the future models.

The basing was done with a mix of cork, crushed slate, glued down with superglue, before adding some secret weapons razor wire.

So more assembly of the rest of the squad to follow, and waiting for paint to arrive. . .

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Sons bolter boys

Progress has been slow, but steady, getting into the meat and veg of any SM army now, the bolter carriers, or ablative wounds for you heavy and special weapons if you'd prefer.

Guy on the end is dropping his bolter.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Sgt something

Finished assembling the first infantry figure for the Sons, took alot more time and fiddling around then I anticipated, the combination of various Mks of armour give a nice feel I think, and is something I can see happening during a protracted siege like the siege of Terra.

SGT something
The arms are from the plastic CSM set, and are a nice analogue for Mk2 once your file off the extraneous detail.

I hope to have the first 5-10 men finished by the end of next week, but that may blow out due to my time being taken up by work/uni entrance course I started a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks for looking.