Thursday, 28 January 2016

Blood bowl

Just a quick one today. 

As I'm sure everyone is aware gw is bringing back Blood bowl! In eager anticipation I found my old human team, stripped them and did a quick test mini. 

The colour scheme is based off of my NFL teams colors, the Baltimore Ravens. 

The base will be finished with agrellean earth and some grass tufts I think. There is also a small piece of steel from a used exacto blade on the base for attaching a magnetized ball. 

I will ofcourse be buying the new plastic set when it is released (2017 apparently) but hope to have these guys done so I can jump straight into playing a league on release. 

Also, how great are the new genestealer cult! I will be buying some asap and have nefarious plans to use them in 30k as cults and militia, maybe including my prvious ad mech stuff as well. More on that when it happens.

Thanks for looking. 

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