Saturday, 30 January 2016

Gal vorbak on deck

Hi guys, welcome to another post about the Word Bearers.

I recently played in the first Inferno of the year in Brisbane, Inferno is a Horus Heresy narrative campaign tournament played 4 times throughout the year, with escalating points. 

The first Inferno was a tactical strike tournament with a heavy focus on zone mortalis. 

Here's a few pics of the tournament:

Stolen from the Eye of Horus podcasts Facebook page (I recommend giving them a listen too if you like HH, and don't mind Australian aka swearing)

As is usual for me I used the upcoming tournament as motivation to finish a unit from bare resin to varnish. 

Considering the strength of Gal Vorbak in the tactical strike arena, and low points levels, they got bumped to the head of the queue. 

As is usual for me too I needed to make the models unique, by adding plastic components from the WHFB spawn kit that came out years ago. 

I also won players choice which was amazing, and a shock considering the high quality of armies on display. Thanks to everyone who voted for me and all my opponents for great games! 

I should also say that the traitors carried the day, shutting the imperials out of their spaceport and granting us a small bonus in the next Inferno in May. 

Thanks for bearing with me through this long winded post. 

Mhara gal, Arktun the anointed WIP

Just a quick one today, talking to Rictus about what I should do with my contemptor from the Battle at Calth set, and he suggested a Mhara gal. 

Considering the plan is had up til then was terrain, I immediately grabbed the gs and the bitz box. This is the first gs session wit minimal thought and rouge thumbs ruining my work.

One thing I wanted to carry over was the animal skull and teeth from the gal vorbak, as I found them to be some of the freshest and creepiest details on the gal vorbak kit. 

More WIP shots soon. Thanks for looking. 

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Ultimate bro team

Just a quick one today, while I had the photo booth setup I thought I'd take a family portrait of the finished primarchs. 

I think this phot really shows the base size creep that's taken place over the life of the character series, Horus' base is massive! 

But then he is the big cheese so that makes sense too. 

I took a bunch more pics of the WIP word bearers and a couple of other projects I have rattling round, so expect a couple of weeks with 1 or 2 posts each as I ration them out. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Aurelian, Lorgar of the Word Bearers

Welcome to another belated update. 

Firstly as to why it's been so delayed, I'm expecting an addition to my life shortly, a baby girl, this as you can imagine is equal parts terrifying and exciting for me and has absorbed a lot of time and the kid hasn't even been born yet! She's due to arrive in 6 or so weeks so expect updates to be even slower than they have been after that. 

In other news I've finished Aurelian, Lorgar of the Word Bearers. 

As you can see he's only been done to a decent table top standard as he was batch painted with a bunch of tactical marines, and I actually ran out of Baal red during painting him.

I replaced to top of his crozius with a plastic piece from my bitz box (the warriors of chaos I think) as I lost part of the resin original in a house move. 

All in all I'm pretty happy with how he has turned out, and will post some more progress pics of the word bearers as soon as I can take pics of them. 

Friday, 4 December 2015

Next cab off the rank: Angron

Hello everyone, welcome to my series of Primarch posts.

I've had a collection of Primarchs building up in the background for quite a while, but they've been on the back burner as I finished units for gaming as a priority and uni got in the way.

Since I finished Horus however I've been making steady progress on the backlog and Angron is the second Primarch to be finished.

The model is from my recollection the oldest primarch in circulation, and the sculpt and basing style certainly shows its age. There has been a steady increase in the size and complexity of the bases in the character series, not entirely for the better. I would prefer FW to offer a gaming choice that comes without the over the top display bases for a more reasonable price, but that may just be me.

To that end I've actually decided not to paint the display bases for the rest (most) of the primarchs, providing me with fodder for conversions and objectives, as well as saving alot of room in the display case as well.

I have also decided to paint the remaining primarchs to a good TT standard to get them ready for some gaming. There was talk of a Primarch death match series at some of the tournaments in Brisbane which I think would be really interesting.

As you can see from the photos, I have experimented with a darker background for the pics this time, oddly it seems to make the images of the models lighter, and I actually had to dim the lights so the images didn't look too washed out.

Which background do you prefer? What do you think of AngryRon, is he showing his age, or holding up well?



Sunday, 15 November 2015

Horus the Warmaster

Hi everyone, back from the dead again.

So recently I have moved house and as any gamer or modeler who's goes through this ordeal knows it involves packing and unpacking that most sacred space, the hobby table.

This can be painful, there's a lot of stuff, some of it get broken and things get lost, and it can take a while to get setup again.

Once you do though, it's like a blank slate, none of those half finished projects sitting there staring at you accusingly, no bits of offcuts and chucks of sprue lying around. It can be invigorating to tackle something new.

So with the constant heckling of Rictus I managed to finish the first of my Primarch miniatures, and I started with the big cheese himself, Horus.

This is the first miniature I have painted in a long time that didn't require the use of an airbrush, every step was done using standard brushes, and man am I rusty, it took along time to get back into the swing of blending highlighting and not weathering.

The cloak was shaded with purple inks, to give it a depth, but not be so dark as to be all black, I found that when I tried to use straight black to shade the cloak lost a lot of its regal appearance.

I hope the pictures are a lot better, as I finally invested in a photo booth setup, I bought a Foldio 2, which is a really nice product, easy to use and set up, though not exactly cheap.

I hope to do some experimentation with photo backgrounds, and might reshoot some of my old minis that I've done to test them out.

I also have 4 more Primarchs to paint (and another I just ordered) so expect some more painting progress in the not too distant future.

Like everyone else involved in HH I have bought a couple of sets of Battle for Calth and will be using them to start my third legion force, so watch that for developments when I finally get them in my hands.

Thanks for sticking around and reading this wall of text if you have, and thanks for stopping by, I hope to increase the tempo and consistency of posts to the blog, but we've all heard me say that before.



Friday, 4 September 2015

More Sons of Horus Reinforcements

Just a quick one today, I've had 3 Terminators sitting in my miniatures case half painted for ages, probably going on 18 months!

Consequently they were incredibly quick to finish off, only taking me one day of intermittent painting.

These take my current termis to 8 + a Praetor, lucky i have a Spartan to take them up the guts in.

Hopefully I will have something else to put up soon, maybe some more infinity, but the response to those was a bit muted so I don't think I'll spend too many posts on them and stick to HH and 40k.

Either way, the next few week will be quiet as the Uni year ramps up to exams, and I move house, which will obviously involve the packing of the studio (desk) and downtime before its set up again I'll need to buy a new compressor for my Airbrush too, as the industrial one I have now is inappropriate for the new apartment.

Anyone have any recommendations for a quiet compressor you can use inside?

Hopefully when I return the quality of photos will improve dramatically, I bought a Foldio2 collapsible studio on a whim, and having seen some reviews I'm confident even I can't screw it up, just need to make/buy a back ground for it.

Cheers for stopping by.