Tuesday, 2 June 2015

And now for something Infinitely different

See what I did there . .

The local games club has seen an explosion of interest in the game Infinity, with about half the guys there buying starters of one form or another, and the start of a small journeyman league. Since I'm trying to encourage the use of the club and the members coming in more, I decided to dig the Aleph starter I bought 4 years ago out for a lick of paint.

And then of course I ignored it and painted the coolest model first. So I present the TAG for Aleph, the Marut.

Small bit of yellow overspray on that left arm, bugger

I used alot of airbrushing to achieve the subtle purple blends across the body, the white on the high points didn't quite turn out as intense as I wanted it too, but I had to stop for fear of losing the gradients and not being able to highlight it with pure white.

The high heels are so Sci-fi

The shield didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it to either, the yellow over sprayed and coated the whole surface and I lost the gradient, so I guess Its made of the same material as the sword now . . or something.

The base is the same base colour as my Sons of Horus, but as it was drying I mixed in some white, yellow, grey and red, giving a sort of marbled finish. This was kind of lost under the application of some powders for texture and interest. The colour reminds me of a hospital, or maybe I've just watched too much Scrubs.

Finally the obligatory scale shot, as you can see for something that represents a tank in game, the Marut is pretty spindly. The actual infantry are tiny compared to 40k models, and even small compared to Boltaction, assembling them was an exercise in patience when it came to pinning.

After painting this model, and the base coats on the infantry I can safely say I need a new airbrush, any recommendations? Model, manufacturer and/or online store to buy them from would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for looking, and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Tyranid reinforcements and 85k views!!

4 posts in a month! what is this sorcery! Just a quick one today though.

Following on from the kill team post, the original idea was a phalanx of Zoanthropes, 4 at 200 points would be a pain, but during play testing they sucked, so the DE rolled in from the bench.

I have another couple of units waiting in the wings for paint, namely 2 tyranocytes and a toxicrene that I'm undecided on if I'll turn into a tyranid knight . . .

Also, I'm so excited for Ad mech, and resisting the urge to order a metric shit ton of new models, though I'll be the hipster douche sitting at the bar at tournaments "I did Ad mech before they were cool". . .

Then there's those damn assassin models . . .sah sexy.

Thankyou all for the support and for continually stopping by, I'm sure about 70,000 views are from bots but even so I'm amazed so many of you are following my work. Its a great feeling knowing people care enough about what you do as a hobby to stop by and look, and comment.

Heres to another 85,000. . .

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Razors edge

So that didn't take long now did it . . .

This is my favourite shot of the razorwing
There's something about painting one model and just having the scheme "click", it reaffirms your joy of the hobby. This is the first model I have painted for ALONG time that hasn't had a tournament or list derived goal as the end state.It makes me think these INQ28 guys are onto something, might have to try my hand at a few conversions just because.

The statues on the base are a bit cliched for DE, but I love them
Its not shown very well in the photos (unless you zoom right in) but some of the spray went a bit speckly, I can only assume this is due to too much pressure, paint that was too thick, or the needle of my airbrush is bent, or a combination of all the above.
But as far as the Table top goal of the army is concerned I'm super happy with how the scheme has translated to the model that inspired me to pick up DE in the first place.

As with the venom, the glass on the canopy is a place holder until I can get some masking fluid and come up with a canopy scheme that compliments the tones of the body. I'm undecided on engine OSL as well.

I don't know why. but spraying the stand for the base makes the model look less like a toy to me.

There's another post in the chamber on tyranids coming up, but I doubt I'll get to paint anything in the next month or 2 as uni ramps up for exams, but procrastination may get the better of me.

Thanks for looking, let me know what you think.

Saturday, 11 April 2015


So it didn't take long for the DE bug to bite.

One of the most impressive models at the time of release, and of the DE, and GW range at the time was the Razorwing. It, and the scourges pretty much sold me on the entire miniatures range.

I got a bit carried away today when I was digging through some boxes and found an old Razorwing, it was dusty and coated in paint already, but 20 mins of TLC and I got it to the point I could prime and base coat it again.

Some of the surfaces are a bit rough, but I still love where this is going. the second picture is more representative of the colour too.

Stay tuned for more soon.

Thanks for looking.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Not so Dark Eldar

Hello all, back from another patented long break between posts, but I come bearing pics!

Dark Eldar Killteam (200 points)
Recently its been apparent that there is a trend for new codex's to increase the amount of miniatures you need to paint for a complete army, leading to alot of burn out among the player base locally. we all still love GW models, and fluff and play the game regularly, but its just so hard to finish a new army!

More "after the jump"..... what a stupid turn of phrase.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Sons of Horus Reinforcements

G'day everyone, sorry for the lack of updates, but I am updating now, so get off my back Matt.

As seems to be my MO, a tournament provided the impetus to get the latest batch of models completed for this army.

I required 1850 points (40k) to play, and only had 1000 points painted at the time, and being generous, and organised as I am, I only gave myself 21 days to paint the remaining points. . . .

But I did it!

So presented here are the finished pics, because in the made rush I didn't take any WIP pics worth posting (also tried a new background/new way of photgrapghing the minis, I'm not sold on it though, I think the sun was causing too many shadows)

First up we have a repaint of the drop pods from my Khorne angels force. I didn't even re prime them, just sprayed them in SoH green mix and went from there.

These were used by one of my Dreadnoughts and the veterans squad.

Speaking of veterans

I used the breacher marines to represent DA veterans with combat shields, not the most cost effective choice, but they were fun, and never failed to blow up something big. If I were to paint them again, I would cut the 6mm tape I used to the hazard stripes in half, they just look slightly too big for infantry.

Next we have the second completed tactical squad, the lascannon is singly overpriced and ineffective in my hands, I think it took 2 hull points off the entire tournament.

Finally, one of my favourite tanks in all of 40k, and a staple of every SM list I have ever run.


S10 pie plates just scare the pants off of the enemy, and I'm not scared to call in danger close fire missions either.

The list for anyone who was interested was:

Azreal *(Ravenwing and Deathwing as troops)
= 215

Dreadnought – 100

-          Multimelta -0
-          Powerfist - 0
-          Venerable  - 15

Drop pod – 35
= 150

Dreadnought – 100

-          2x Autocannons - 20
-          Venerable  - 15

= 135

Veterans x7 – 126

-          Combat shields x7 -35
-          Meltagun – 10
-          Combi-melta x3 – 30
-          Power weapon – 15

Drop pod – 35

= 246

*Deathwing terminators x5 – 220

-          Chainfist – 5
-          Assault cannon – 20

= 245

Dedicated transport – Landraider - 250

-          Deathwing upgrade – 30
-          Hunterkiller Missile – 10
-          Multimelta – 10


Tactical Squad #1 x9 - 126

-          Vet Sgt – 5
-          Power sword – 15
-          Plasmagun – 15
-          Missile Launcher + Flakk – 25

Rhino – 35
-          Hunterkiller Missile – 10


Tactical Squad #2 x10 – 140

-          Vet Sgt – 5
-          Power sword – 15
-          Plasmagun – 15
-          Lascannon – 25

= 195

“Strange, is it not, that so many I wish beside me stand against me, while at my back are only the flawed and damaged. I am a master of broken monsters."
HEAVY SUPPORT:                                                                                                         -Horus Lupercal
Vindicator – 125
-          Seige shield - 10

= 135

Thanks for looking, hope to have something more to post soon. 

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

I am a leaf on the wind . . .

Or maybe a hobby butterfly is a better description. In one of my now almost patented 90 degree turns of hobby inspiration I've been painting something completely new.

Boltaction; more specifically Fallschirmjager. these are being painted to  nice TT standard so we can get some games in at the club and learn the rules.

Displacing MG42 team

Boltaction is a game that has taken off in a big way recently in the local tournament scene, and being a slave to trends i just had to jump on board. My best mate dibbs'ed the US airborne, and being fans of Band of Brothers (who isn't) I decided to do one of their early protagonists.

Prone MG42 team

Why do the rear pics always come out better than the front ones?!

The minis themselves are a really mixed bag of good and bad points: this is an initial assessment based entirely on the metals. I haven't worked with any of the plastic sets or resin tanks yet.

Good points:
Scale - everything is scaled correctly. Even if their heads and hands are slightly to big for 28mm minis they aren't the GW heroic scale.
Affordability - even paying full retail a platoon is <$60, about half the cost of the GW alternative
Poses - Each figure in the platoon box is a unique sculpt, that's 21 individuals! Something that the GW range of imperial guard regiments never had.

Bad points:
Basing - the platoon of metal minis doesn't come with any bases, leaving it open to interpretation as to what they should be based on. Seems I went the wrong way by basing them on GW bases, as the convention is to use the flat Rendara bases. The models also come cast on large plugs of metal, that are hard to remove. and if you don't, they end up on mounds like these guys.
Material - I hate HATE working with metal models. Moldlines are hard to remove, in awkward places, and obscure detail, and no matter how careful you are paint chips and wears from edges.
Sculpting - Fallschimjager are one of the earlier model ranges in the game, and it shows. some of the sculpting is very soft or muddy. The faces in particular are uninspiring, not helped by the fact that many moldlines cross them and removal can hurt the detail.

I have taken some liberties with the paint scheme of these minis, sacrificing some historical accuracy for a better Table mini. Historically the webbing and straps were a black or dark brown leather, this made the mini too dark and uninteresting, so I went for a beige.
The camouflage patterns are as accurate as I can be, whilst still maintaining my sanity, Fallschirmjager used a variety of patterns and colours during the war, and I want to be able to represent any time period with them, so I'm mixing and matching patterns and pants colours, it also keeps it interesting for me and I haven't gotten bored yet!

Finally a scale shot compared to some of my 40k minis, this is how big GW guardsman should be!

Hope you liked the start of this diversion, I'll be getting back into some 40k, terrain and gaming soon, so look out for that.