Saturday, 30 January 2016

Mhara gal, Arktun the anointed WIP

Just a quick one today, talking to Rictus about what I should do with my contemptor from the Battle at Calth set, and he suggested a Mhara gal. 

Considering the plan is had up til then was terrain, I immediately grabbed the gs and the bitz box. This is the first gs session wit minimal thought and rouge thumbs ruining my work.

One thing I wanted to carry over was the animal skull and teeth from the gal vorbak, as I found them to be some of the freshest and creepiest details on the gal vorbak kit. 

More WIP shots soon. Thanks for looking. 


  1. Sweeeeeeet - that's looking extra creepy already, man. Good stuff!

  2. Great to see another unit for your World Bearers. This is one of the best uses of the normally static and boring Contemptor from the BaC box. I'm looking forward to the next update!

  3. Looks good so far. I did a similar conversion for my word bearers ( if you have a spare juggernaut you don't mind cutting up their abdomen does an excellent job chaosing up a contemptor.

    I need to post pictures of the finishers model. Work was canceled today due to snow so I think I'll do just that.

  4. Thanks for the motivation to finish him up, here's my Word Bearer's Mhara Gal.