Monday, 8 July 2013

Legion of Everblight Gargantuan! Archangel.

I've managed to get a couple of commissions recently, I was approached to paint something for a system that I wouldn't normally look at because the models just don't interest me, Warmachine. However there has been one model I just loved from the moment I saw the WIP sculpts. The legion everblight Archangel.

Who's a pretty boy then?

It is a monster, gargantuan in every sense, and so cool I would have eventually gotten one for myself if I wasn't commissioned to do it.

WIP scale shot. Don't mind the mess.
The casting is big, the components are big, the stupidity is big. The only complaint (though it s big one) I have about this model is the way the components have been cast and the materials selection. There are 3 materials, resin, pewter/whitemetal, and restic. The breackdown of how the parts have been chosen for each piece baffles me. If you have the technology for resin, do it all in resin.

Big vents, with the detail cast into them.
All the extremities are metal (the hooks on the wings, the face/head, the spines on the back, and the tail. This is madness. The last 4 inches of the tail are metal, and are supposed to hang unsupported from the base of the resin tail section.

Apart from that annoyance, the model was almost flawlessly cast, with only one minor and one major mold slip, and both easily corrected, less then 10 total airbubbles, again easily fixed.

After washing the resin and greenstuffing the areas where the components mated I commenced with painting, using vallejo airbrush primer for the first time, it goes on like a dream, so smooth, good adhesion, and can even be done at night in the cold and damp with no threat of bubbling or roughness.

The scheme was not chosen by me being a commission, but I'm still reasonably happy with how the sons of horus green translated to the everblight.

I added some red glazes to the wings for interest, and blended them back into the flesh with highlights and a pass or two of the airbrush. The wings are also magnetised for ease of transport and storage, which is why they don't quite marry up to the shoulders.

Shoddy photoshop of the edges, didn't all fit in the booth.
As a last point of interest I added some OSL from the soul fire the Everblight dragon spawn breathe. It added a nice spot colour too and stopped the scheme from being too boring.

The base was left plain so the client can add his recipe for snow to keep it consistent with the rest of his collection.

Finally an almost identical shot, but showing the scale of the finished beast.

Thanks for looking. Hope you like it and found my ramblings entertaining.

Please let me know what you think.


  1. Very very cool, the painting is awesome and you've made an already impressive model really pop.

  2. Like yourself i've got no interest in Warmachine and Hordes but damn im tempted to pick one of those up. Lovely job mate, nice soft transitions and a great scheme.

  3. Thanks fo the comments gents :)

    Steve: I could probably be tempted if the whole range was as well sculpted as the archangel. Most of the range unfortunately look they were sculpted with a broken bottle, out of earwax.