Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Ad mech WIP 4

I have no idea how this happened, but it was too cool not to share.

I was on google looking at dinosaur pics because of the leaked Lizardmen shots, and a notification popped up in my google account, and this was in there. Apparently google stitched together a gif for me from my last upload.
If this is the new evil empire, I for one welcome our new google overlords.


  1.! I dont check up on the blogs for a few weeks and come back to this. that is honestly one of the best ad mech models I have ever seen.

    Brilliant conversion/kitbash good sir, you got plans for another one or just sticking with this guy?

    1. Thanks mate, glad you like it, considering your dark mech stuff and sculpting ability i'll take that as a high compliment indeed :)

      I want to do another one, but I'm in 2 mind as to whether or not I do a clone, or if I make another design entirely.