Saturday, 12 January 2013

Monster update!

Hi everybody, and welcome to all the new followers, thanks for persevering.

So, 6 weeks and what do I have to show for it? Well besides the new scars on my ankle from the op, and a FW sized hole in my bank account from a weak will and too much time on the net recuperating, not as much painting as I had originally hoped got done.

However that motivator of the century that keeps kicking me in the pants reared its ugly head and I painted some more Nids for a recent no comp tournament at my local (read 200km away) GW battle bunker. Being no comp, and being Nids, I needed some more units to harden up my otherwise spammy list.

To that end I finished painting these guys:

Firstly, something that can be truly terrifying (especially if you and your opponent dont read the rules about toxin sacs only working in close combat til turn 4) in 6th ed, the notorious Flyrant. Twinlinked devs with brainleech will ruin alot of peoples days, casting iron arm on him and plopping down in front of the enemy is fun too.

This shot gives a much better view of the wings, which i obviously did with the airbrush. I'm quite happy with the effect and gives a very striking combination of colours I think.

Next, the bully of the list, Swarmlord and his two offsiders (tyrant guard), with the right combination of biomancy powers this guy is nigh on unstoppable. Stacking enfeeble on a unit of thunderhammer terminators making them S2(4)/T2 has to be the highlight of my tournament with this guy.

Thirdly, a Trygon Prime. Bane of artillery, transports and devastator units the world over. Luckily enough when he isn't mishapping His 12 S5 shots make him worth taking despite his landraider sized price tag.
This is the FW version, which I bought for a themed apoc game about 4 years ago, hes been languishing in a box ever since, a prime and a lick of paint and he has a new lease on life in my Godzilla Mk II list.

This has been painted for ages, but its the last model to be photographed individually from my original Nid list from 8 months ago. Happy now Matt?

Thanks for looking and I'll have a Sons shaped update for you all as soon as I edit the pics to be slightly less terrible.

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