Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Counts as shenanigans: Azreal

Hey all.

Since finishing the spartan its been nice basking in the afterglow of the internets, but progress must continue, and the sons need someone to lead them.

I want to do a terminator heavy force, and to get them to count as troops in normal games of 40k, I need deathwing, or wolf guard. I've already done a wolfguard army, and Dark Angels just got a new book. So DAs it is. I'll obviously do a Belial conversion later (maybe a counts as Abbadon? Maybe I should do it soon, so I can be the first guy?) but Azreal seems like the most versatile choice, since he unlocks both ravenwing (jetbikes?) and deathwing.

The current plan is:
dude with banner of devestation
30x tac marines
5-10 deathwing
3-6 ravenwing
maybe a predator.

But I also want the army to be able to be folded into any codex that catches my fancy. Ie Chaos. So some for though will have to be put into construction of the terminators so that they can cross codexes easily.

Anyway, enough dribbling from my brain. Onto the pics.


Continuing the theme of mixing armour mk's, the legs arms and left shoulder are mk4, the torso head and right shoulder are mk3. The little kilt, from the SM command sprue I think, is a nod to the Catphraci  terminators, and will be painted in a dark red. The left hand is plastic, whilst the right is resin, and in some kind of weird FW/GW disparity, they are completely different sizes. I didn't realise this before I glued them to the sword hilt. Obviously I will run him as a Preator with Paragon blade (GL terminator force sword) in 30k, cause that's what everyone else seems too.

Left side.
 This angle shows the flow of the pose a bit better, I was trying to capture a mid-underhand swing, and the momentum affecting the slung combi bolter. He has been pinned numerous (9) times, with one in each shoulder, elbow, wrist hand/sword (one piece of 1.6mm brass rod), right knee and left foot.


This show the sling and the swing on the bolter a bit better, I tried to 30k up the plasma gun a bit, whilst still retaining the mastercrafted look. Some of the back pack mounting had to be removed to aid the flow of the sling, but its covered anyway, if its too noticeable I'll resculpt it before priming. For tournament WYSIWYG purposes he also has a bolt pistol, frag and krak to cover almost any load out. The little shield can count as a refractor field. I also added a pouch to the holster of the Bolt pistol, to cover up the ugly nothingness of the design.

I actually quite enjoyed putting this guys together, and as the first character I wanted to make him stand out. I'm thinking a white helmet, red plume as a nod to this guy being a terran luna wolf veteran, I will ofcourse make up some fluff to explain away why he wasn't purged on Istvaan 3.

Thanks for looking, anything you have to contribute to the list, ideas on paint, or what you think I did wrong I'd love to hear them.



  1. Really love your work man. All of your sons look great some with some inspiring conversions to boot!

    I particularly like the 'stomping' dread from a previous post. How do you manage the weathering effect you use? It really suits the pre heresy period and since I've never really used weathering on my minis I'd really like to give it a go. Any tips?


    1. Thanks mate, I'm really glad you're enjoying the blog.

      The simplest tip I can give is to read alot of online tuts. there are so many blogs and forums out there dealing with the subject its ridiculous.

      The other way to read up on them is to buy the FW masterclass Vol:1, thats the one I bought and have gotten so much out of it that it is well worth the price tag. Or you can use other means and get a PDF.

      Weathering is dependent on the surface you're painting, armour chips and rusts (atleast in 40k), clothes stain, fade, and tear, flesh bruises and cuts. each uses a different technique.

      For the armour, any colour, I lay down the base colour with an airbrush, then apply a broad highllight with the base colour lightened with white grey or bone dependent on the finish and colour. Then highlight with more of the light colour, in my case astronomicon grey. Chipping is then applied with a sponge and astro grey, once thats dry I chip it again using chardon granite. The models then sealed with gloss varnish. Once dry I wash the model with thinned oil paints, and apply weathering powders in both a wash form and dry to get different effects. Seal the model again and your done.

      Hope that helps :)

    2. Thanks bro, that really helps. I'm just about to get an airbrush and I've just stripped an old school, metal furioso dread that I'm going to test it on. I think I'll be using this technique to make it look majorly beaten up!


    3. Gave you a little mention in my blog as well. Hope you don't mind...

  2. Fantastic pose with lots of great detail and movement to it.

  3. Great little conversion dude. The sense of movement you get from teh angle of the sword, kilt and the combi bolter works really well.

    Also the Spartan in your previous post is plain epic, shame that I hate painting tanks or I would be tempted to atempt something similar at some point :)

    1. I would love to see you paint one as a White scar, I think that would be epic too, and the white lends itself well to weathering too.

    2. Paint something as big as a land raider white thats madness, I'm already dreading tackling the 6 bikers I'm going to buy off Matt let alone a tank hahaha

    3. Check out the one Poom did on the bunker, it's awesome, and the guy did it with a brush! Seriously impressive, you could definitely do one just as good.

  4. That is beautifully done - You really captured a great sense of motion - it is the little things like the sweep of the combi-weapon on the sling that really sells it. Awesome work, man!

    1. Thankyou for following the blog, and the comment :)