Sunday, 26 August 2012

Warrior Prime

Been bitten by the bug again (pun intended) and have cranked out a new HQ for my swarm. This guy is set up with scy tals and 2x boneswords to murder characters in challenges.

The torso and head were both extended to make him bigger then a normal warrior. The torso was divided into quarters and a 1mm spacer added between each segment. The largest spike is from the discontinued MC sprue, the others were left over from a carnifex kit, and the ones on the chest are from the Gant upgrade sprue.

The waist was extended by about 2 mm as well to make him taller, though with the pose and basing its not as apparent as if he was on the ground. If I do another one, with lash whip and bone sword, I think I extend the legs as well. I cut the head in half too and widened it by 2 mm at the back and resculpted the armour plates.

Next I'm working on something that's going on this base.


  1. Holy crap, you are being productive (and actually updating). Are you feeling alright?

    Whateveritiscalled flying Nid for the base?

  2. I know right! Procrastination from assignments is a wonderful thing.

    Its going to be a Harpy, despite being told they are actually terrible in game.