Friday, 24 August 2012

Hive Guard painting tut

Hi everyone, here's the second half of my hive guard build series. Painting, for many years I used GW black undercoat for EVERYTHING! however recently, since I started using an airbrush mostly, I have been using Tamiya grey surface primer. It still comes from a rattle can, however the colour is much easier to lay lighter coloured paints over, which is especially handy for my nid scheme.

After the undercoat I lay down a solid coat of Tamiya buff with the airbrush. Then a zenith highlight of white, catching the upper surfaces of the limbs and weapons.

The models are then given a light dry brush of skull white, before a coat of Lamenters glaze is applied to all the bits you want yellow.

Once this is dry, another light dry brush of yellow, and another coat of lamenters yellow are applied.

Which should give you a nice bold yellow as above. Now its time to do the purple - pink transitions, these are applied with the airbrush, and I don't know the paint names because they are in Japanese, a brand of paint called Mr Hobby, they look like liche purple, warlock purple and tentacle pink.

I forgot to take pics of the next steps :( 
Agarathax earthshade is then painted into the cracks and crevasses of the model, not washed, or you will destroy the qualities of the yellow.
The carapace is painted Hormogaunt purple, codex grey HGP 40/60, HGP fortress grey 75/25, and finally HGP/FG 50/50
the hoses and various other details are painted tallarn flesh, washed with agarthax earthshade, and highlighted with elf flesh.
Claws and spikes are painted dheneb stone, washed with agarthax earthshade, highlighted with bleached bone, and then white. Teeth are painted white.
Bases are done with Tamiya dark yellow, followed by a drybrush of bone, then a watered down wash of gryphonne sepia.

Finally you should be left with something like this

Hope you liked the write up, next up I've got something in the pipe line that whilst not as effective as I'd like on the table, still looks pretty cool :)

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