Monday, 31 October 2011

Stormravens finished!

Yes, plural.

I thought photographing one of these bad boys was a pain!

I applied the finishing touches to these two this afternoon. Mostly it was just mucking around with the lense effect on the canopies. Its just a bastardized version of the effect alot of people are using on their GK power weapons.

A tip for young players, the extra 5 minutes you spend in preparation (masking, cleaning, mixing etc) will pay of 100x by the time you get to finishing. Rushing simply ruins things. I learnt the hard way, going from this:

Notice the bleeding, splatters and peeling, all caused by shoddy prep. The masking tape wasn't sealed properly, the paint was too thin (and my airbrush has a splatter gremlin I can't seem to shake atm), and I should have used a white primer instead of simple acrylic to paint the white base over the varnish I'd laid over the reds.

To this:

To this:

Not the greatest, but I managed to cover up most of the blemishes and I think they came out pretty well. The only thing bothering me now is that the reflection/lines aren't parallel, but this is because I was trying to cover as many of the random splotches of paint with the fewest lines, and its something I can live with.

A couple more pics:

I'm really happy overall with how these things turned out, they are the biggest models I have to paint for this army, so its definitely a relief to get them out of the way.

Finally: whats next.


  1. Wow, you are really ploughing through this stuff quickly!

    The Ravens are truly spectacular, the windshields, the red, the battledamage...all of it. Possibly your best work to date I think.

  2. really do like the dreadnoughts especially their heads

  3. Thanks guys :)

    Hoff: I hope to see you next weekend at quartermaster, you should come down for a bit.

    Unieallaction: cheers, I really prefer the older heads on the dreadnaughts, they look more mechanical.