Thursday, 3 November 2011

Blender dreads done

Another 2 models closer to finishing this army.

It was almost a disaster though, the store where I buy my  varnish from has been unable to restock due to a change in supplier, so I couldn't get my regular spray varnish at all. So I had to resort to "Army painter anti shine matte". Let me tell you, it does exactly what it says, but too well.

It removed any shine at all, but also went chalky and dusty! It also killed any highlights I'd done on the metalics. Not happy! I had to reapply some of the last of the can I had of the previous varnish to save them. Now the cans completely empty I have no idea what I'll do.

Enough whining, on to the pics. This is the first khorne model I ever did, it was originally painted for GD 2006 where it made it to the final cut, but failed to place. All I've done is added is the smoke launchers, changed the base, and repainted it.

The CCW were made from 2 ork chain choppas, and a sentinel ccw each. They'll be representing well used blood talons, after all who wants to clean a khorneate dreads weapons after battle!

Next we have the second blender dread. This guy got a deff dread or killa kan buzz saw for his second weapon for variety.

Thanks for looking.

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