Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Khorne WIP part II

Here are the pics of the dreads, and dread pods I said I'd put up. I still haven't started the infantry for this army, which is a bad thing because I have a month to finish the army now, but good because I changed the list a touch.

Any way the pics:

The dread pods, I converted these alittle bit to look more like the dreadclaw pods from FW. All I had to do was invert the fins, and clip a little bit of plastic off of what is not the bottom, where the engine would normally sit. Then using plasticard I made a plate for the roof to mount the engine, and made chaos stars out of strip.

Next is a group shot of the dreads assembled with all their arms attached. I am still waiting on some chain to be delivered from eBay to complete the 2 magna grappl/fist arms.

I have actually completed one of the storm ravens, however it is being an absolute pain to photograph, so once I figure out how to solve that I'll put up some pics.


  1. Yeah, yeah...problems taking pictures...excuses, excuses...

    What have you done to the bottom of the dropclaws? Have you done a hatch/door thing which can open to let the dreads out?

  2. Git.

    I haven't done anything, because I am lazy and these are purely gaming pieces. If pressed for how they get out I'll say "f**k you", and hit them with one of my dreads. . . Not really, they took to long to put together, but its a nice thought.