Monday, 31 October 2011

First berzerker + FTW

So today is an exciting day in the young life of this blog. Through some careful editing and patience on the part of Ron, my humble little blog has been added to the monolith of GW/modeling blogs that is FTW.

Thanks Ron, and I hope I don't disappoint your faith in my ability not to swear ;)

Secondly, the next tournament I will be attending Quarter Master IV on the 26 - 27th of November, is fast approaching, I love these tournaments, great company terrain and good games, however I have made a promise to myself that everytime I win best painted or players choice I will play a new army at the next one.

(Un)Fortunately I've won best painted on 4 of the 6 times I've attended (4 tournaments a year, at the same venue = quartermaster geed it). This was the original impetus behind starting the counts as BA's. Plus the original khorne army I did (counts as SW's) won best painted, and I like the scheme.

Enough waffle:

This bloke will be pulling double duty in the khorne lists I take to Adepticon, in the 1850 point list he'll just be a DC dude (maybe with a power fist), and in the 400pt list he'll be a vanguard vet Sgt with lightning claw.


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