Monday, 21 March 2016

Finished (sculpting) Mhara gal

So here's the finished product, except for some gs tubes coming  out of his sides. I've been waiting for a tentacle maker to arrive in the post. 

I found some soul grinder components in my bitz box a added them to the fist, this I think suits the rules a lot better and continues the corruption theme nicely. 

The back is fairly unadorned, I just had a lack of ideas as to how to dress it up, so a random growth was all that was added. 

Dead marine and the plasma cannon arm were the last pieces to be completed quite happy with how "dead" the dead marine looks. 

This guy is now quite large, transport will be a problem for sure, but I'm really happy with he turned out, I just hope that he's worth the points cost and performs on the table at Inferno 2.

Thanks for looking. 


  1. See, aren't you glad I suggested it now?

  2. Awesome! Loving that impaled marine on the shoulder, and the GS work looks great!

  3. Brilliant as always, would love to see the whole army at one stage.