Friday, 11 March 2016

Word bearer tacticals

More Word Bearers!

These are the WIP pictures of the second tactical squad, the three with bases were used during the Inferno tournament and so they jumped the queue. 

The rest of these are finished up to the point of needing varnish, which ofcourse I have run out of, or misplaced in a move. I just need to finish their bases so they can all be varnished in a batch. 

The next batch of 9, will finish both current squads to 15 man each, and complete the compulksory troops selections for the armylist I'm planning on running at Inferno II.

Quite a short post today, but I had these pics in my phone for a while and thought I could throw them up to show that there is still movement on the painting front. I'm trying desperately not to get motivated to do a Cults and Militia army using the new Genestealer cult models, but I can feel my willpower failing!

Thanks for looking. 


  1. They look great! Normally I don't like metallic colours on models, but it works perfectly on these guys. I especially like the mix of armour marks and the gold on the lower half of the helmets :)

    I had the same thoughts as you on the new Genestealers, but my willpower failed, so I got the box and started building a Cult. I kind of hope you do the same, I would love to see your version of them!

    1. Thanks mate :)

      My will power has held out so far, just because I need to find some people to split boxes with since I don't want 40k marines.

  2. Simply gorgeous! You are knocking it outta the park with these Word Bearers man, lovely work!

    Embrace the cult, I would love to see your take on 'em!

    1. Cheers mate :)

      I really want to! I loved the old cult, and the new cult models by Darren Latham is amazing!

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    1. this is a nice color scheme for them :) how did you paint them?

    2. Yes I would love to know your process too. They look stunning

    3. Hey guys, thanks :)

      A quick run down is:

      Grey undercoat
      2x coats of signal red
      Dry brush mithril silver
      Baal red wash
      Serephim sepia
      Nuln oil
      Then scratches with mithril

      Hope that helps :)