Wednesday, 5 June 2013

It's alive!!

Hi everyone, sorry for the scarcity of posts recently, but uni has been brutal!

That aside i have managed to pick up a brush in my mid semester break. Many moons ago I was given a Tyranid heirophant at a song. it was a little worse for wear, and a bit bandy legged from being left in a car during an Australian summer, but after a Jesus like resurrection I can show you a PIP.

Not much of a pic, but as a proof of life I think it will suffice.

During my attempt at dis-assembly, the shoulders of both right arms, one for claw, and a couple of spikes snapped off. Most were minor fixes, though I had to get alittle bit creative with the basing to make the claw work (and even then I'm not 100% on it). Rumors of Apoc II has set me painting this guy, and I hope to crush Johns Imperial guard with him at the soonest opportunity.


  1. Welcome back, mate! Glad to see you posting again!

    Very cool Heirophant! I dig the color scheme for sure. I've heard a lot of woeful tales of that kit's tendency to droop and sag - you may want to consider giving the main body some support with a clear acrylic rod or something similar to help take some of the weight off the legs.

    Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Thanks mate, its good to be back!

    Its quite an interesting kit, and it came fully assembled, trying to fix some of the inherent problems of stability and bending was the reason the shoulders are all broken.

    I agree with you about the stand idea, I'm going to try and camouflage the stand using flesh hooks lash whips hanging out of the torso.