Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hobby A.D.D

I seem to find myself easily distracted by hobby projects, as the amount of bouncing between ongoing projects can attest.

New tyrant and base
Now I've been distracted from finishing the heirophant by another tyranid gribbly. This time its an Armoured shell Hive tyrant with 2x twin linked devourers. This guy is a beast, and very hard to shift from the table top, esp if he hits the jackpot and get iron arm and lifeleech for powers, topping up wounds at toughness 7+ is just mean.

Taking the normal tyrant, I removed the front smoke stacks, and replaced them with the spiny carapace piece from the carnifex. Some surgery to the underside was required to get it to fit, but it was minor and should be self explanatory to anyone trying it themselves.

Torso close
The next thing to tackle was the devourers. Now I've never been a fan of the S 6 devourers being the same size as the termagants S 4 ones, it just smacks of lazy sculpting. Also you only get one set per tyrant. Fortunately I've been collecting bugs for a while and have a stock pile of the termagant ones.

So I glued 3 of them together for each arm.

They looked less "testicular" when I was sculpting them

They were attached to one of the previous editions scything talons by a length of brass rod, the bulbous egg sacs/ammo were made from balls of 5 minute putty, and green stuff veins were sculpted onto them as they were blended together to form the sac.

They looked less phallic in my mind I swear.

Next update should have this bad boy either finished, or well on his way.

I also have a couple of commissions in the wings, so expect more A.D.D in the future.


  1. Nice piece of conversion work there mate. Totally agree about the bigger weapons for bigger beasties.

    Looking forward to the finished conversion and paint job!



    1. Thanks Andrew, good to hear from you, it's been a while since I've seen anything from you. In a bit of a slump again mate?

  2. Very cool conversion, Look forward to seeing some paint on it. I feel your pain I also bounce from project to project.