Monday, 20 October 2014

Once more into the breach: Terrain

Hello everyone, long time no content, but thats par for the course with me unfortunately.

But good news everyone, I'm finished uni for the year, and back into the modelling frame of mind. Since the last post my friend and I have decided to reinvigorate the local gaming scene, to do this we will run a tournament. To run a tournament we need terrain. Hence the content of this post.

Finished water filled crater
To begin we collected materials, and ideas we'd had from previous terrain making, and new materials including:
- Foam core/board
- GW craters
- GW trees
- pre-loved vehicles
- Basing materials (MDF, glue, sand, rocks etc)
- Clear resin for water

What follows will be a bunch of images of what we made from those materials

Also the Warmaster got a primer coat . . .

See Matt, he did get to see some paint

I've also made a start on the Predator themed table for the upcoming Aliens Vs Predator miniatures game by Prodos games.

To make these hill's I used cheap halloween Predator masks and high density polystyrene.

A wood putty was then spread across them to remove the smooth look of the masks and hide the sculpted details.

But this proved troublesome, and some cracking and flaking was evident on the areas not reinforced by the polystyrene. I can only attribute this to swelling/shrinking of the mask plastic material during heating and cooling in the sun on the back verandah.

Ah bugger

Next post will be about the rescuing and painting of more terrain. 

Thanks for looking.

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  1. No cat porn then?

    Ruins are looking good, better than the average plain looking ruins people often knock out.

    Nice idea with the masks, shame it went a bit tits up with the flaking.