Monday, 30 June 2014

Long time between pics

Hi all, sorry for the lack of content, but Uni has been kicking my ass, and I'm lazy.

Enough excuses, on to the content of this post. Alternate BFG ships!

These have been made by a friend of mine Mangozac, as a component of a line of ships he's done as commissions for other people and have been in a limited run, and I managed to get a couple in exchange for painted pics for advertisement, so no pressure then. Can see more of his BFG work HERE, or His website/forum/blog HERE.

These ships are great, the components came almost mold-line free, and perfectly cast, a credit to Zac as this is a "garage" kit.

In a complete brain fade I forgot to take any WIP pic that were in focus and worth posting, so here's finished pics instead.

Sooo, considering the differences in shape to the regular (and still sadly OOP) plastic ships I thought these would look good as HH era ships. Fluff wise for the colour scheme I'm saying that the ships were Lunar wolves before the change to SoH, and painting a house is a pain in the ass, imagine painting a 25km long ship, hence the SoH green spot colour.

Chipping at this scale would have been a bit strange I thought, so I left that out of the scheme.

Hope you all enjoyed this break from silence, I'm back into study for second semester now, so content will be patchy (probably non existent) for another 12-14 weeks before normal service will resume again.

Thanks for looking



  1. Those are very, very nice.

    A complete fleet would look superb...

  2. That's really massive exposure post and I must admire you in this regard.

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  3. Hi,

    Those vessels are really well painted! I hope you don't mind that I will copy the colour scheme for my Zeus cruiser, it is excellent!

    best regards,
    battlefleet gothic

    1. Please do mate, the ships are excellent, I hope you have fun painting it :)

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    1. Thanks Matt, haven't seen anything from you for a while?