Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Spawn more overlords - Gearing up for 6th ed Tyranids

So the rumour mill is rife with predictions of the impending drop of a new Nid codex, so I have gone on a bit of a painting binge to hopefully make use of the new codex straight off the bat.

My selection criteria for the new models was simple, what do I have that I haven't used. This is based on the philosophy that GW makes all the currently shit units good in the next codex.

Firstly Biovores. Not the worst unit currently, but the strength of 4 for a barrage doesn't really scare many things, I'd like to see a return to the bio-acid mines with rending, or something similar to make them useful for sniping, and scary.

Secondly, Hormogaunts. I loved these guys in 4th, and consequently I had 60 of them in my bitz box. They can be used currently, but only at their most expensive super-gaunt mode to give them poisoned and furious charge.
I'm hoping the cost of bio-morphs comes down, or their is a buff unit like the tervigon for hormogaunts too (or an upgrade that allows tervigons to buff hormogaunts).

Next are the most useless models in the tyranid lineup currently. With the ability to affect reserve roles, but only if its been on the table for a turn, and you have to roll for them to come on in turn two . . .seriously underwhelming. 

Giving them back the wound and attack they lost in the transition from 4th to 5th, and allowing the pheromone rule to work like SM drop pods (half you lictors rounding up come in turn 1) or some other mechanic would see these guys hit the table for me. Also 80 points is way too much, a centurion with 2+ save and a grav cannon costs similar, and will kill alot more. But I love the models and want to use them.

Finally, Shrikes. I used these guys in a doubles tournament on the weekend, and they were seriously impressive. Racking up a massive number of kills and generally scaring anything with more than 2 wounds. I have magnetised the arms so that I can run a different weapon if the boneswords are nerfed, or if i get around to doing lashwhips for them too.

To make shrikes seriously effective the Prime/Alpha warrior needs the option to take wings. make it a 25 point upgrade and I'll take that everyday to give them the ability to tank some wounds and give a boost of WS.

I also have the bitz to make another couple of tyrants, and another 30 Hormogaunts are in the pipeline. Plus I should really get around to painting a few more of my 180 termagants . .  . plus whatever new comes around.

Thanks for looking.


  1. I really like the lines of the purple armor. Your models remind me of Easter candy, are they full of chocolate?

    1. Thanks mate :) Haha I hope not, or they'll melt in the heat of the Australian summer.

  2. That's a lot of Bugs. Looking good, especially the Shrikes.

    I'm sure I asked you this in an email (or on FB) but I don't think I ever got an answer - just how many points have you got of Nids now? It must be a fair amount by now.

    1. Thanks Matt, yeah I remeber you asking, but I forgot to do the sums, turns out I have 4335 points painted in the yellow scheme!

      Mostly taken up with big critters, I really need to paint some more termagants etc.