Thursday, 12 September 2013

Finished Khorne Angels

Well it took 2 years, but I finally finished Khorne, probably because I was commissioned to do them.

I sold the army to a mate at the beginning of the year, and since then hes been using some of the models in his Khorne army, and playing with unfinished berzerkers. There's a tournament in 2 weeks he wants to play at with a requirement of painted model, so I got the job of finishing what I started.

 All of the models were built using the FW torso and heads, and plastic CSM legs. Each set of legs has been converted slightly to give a greater sense of motion than the stock legs have (ie none), I really think GW missed an opportunity to redo the plastic warriors.

Since they had to be painted to match an existing army I couldn't use and weathering on them, it was an interesting exercise to paint "clean" again. I prefer dirty.

The blood effects were done with tamiya clear red, then a second coat of TCR and a touch of black acrylic, the acrylic and whatever the TCR is based on react and the paint gets thicker, making it perfect for congealed blood and gore.

The backpacks are also all magnetised, to make is easy to run them as Death company with jump packs if necessary.

The whole gang

I apologise for the shonky pics, I really need a better camera then my iPhone4.

Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Very nice.

    Particularly like the Kharne-ish guy and Hammerzerker.

    Good you got these out of the way before you parcel arrives...

    1. Thanks Matt, it's is lucky, becaus when they arrive I think I'll lose a couple of days!