Thursday, 11 October 2012

Tac squad and Rhino done!

I apologise for the lack of recent updates, I'd like to say its been because I've been busy, but I've just been lazy.

But putting that behind me, I found my mojo, and its been a busy couple of days here at Casa de Sheep, the results of which I present to you now.

Here's the finished Tactical squad #3

As you can see they are armed with a missile launcher and plasma gun, for general duties, I think this load out is pretty straightforward and can threaten most things on the table.

More after the jump.

Next is their ride.

Unfortunately for the PH/HH theme I didn't have a demios pattern handy, but this one was free, so I can't complain. The Havoc launcher has been made from the deathwind launcher from the drop pod kit, and I think does an excellent job of representing a precursor havoc launcher. I also used the chaos vehicle accessories instead of the imperial ones to give a slightly more archaic look to the vehicle.

Next are some glory group shots, one of which I also played around with to use as the new banner for the blog.

 Boys and their ride
Group shot of all the completed SoH models so far.

Thanks for looking and comments are always welcome.

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  1. Oooh...

    Looking good. I like the Havoc, nicer than the regular one.

    I'll be at WHW in a couple of weeks, do you want me to pick any resin up for you...?