Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Kheres Mortis complete

Hello again. Welcome to another update of my rambling towards completing a Sons of Horus army, Today I present the completed Kheres pattern Mortis contemptor.

This guy came together quickly in the end, probably because I rushed him, and because I fell into the trap of over weathering him. I'm not unhappy with the results until I put the two completed dreads together and compare them, the first has a much more controlled application of chipping which I prefer the finish of.

Anyway, here's the pics:

More after the jump.

The finish is slightly darker on the armour too, which I'm not sure how it happened. I am happy with how the home made assault cannons fit with the stock FW body, and how the 3 pieces of hazard stirping turned out, and frame the face and Eye of Horus.

The brothers Grim:

Finally I have a pic of the IF marine about to be cockroached by Mr Mortis.

Again I think I may have over done the weathering slightly, but I am very happy with the yellow and the pose.

Unfortunately for the blog, and my painting, I will be taking a break. I'm leaving for a 10 day holiday to Bali on Saturday, followed by moving house. I have finished the Harpy for my nids, and will put pics of it up in the meantime, but there might be a slightly longer pause til the next completed Sons make an appearance.

Til later.


  1. I love how the pose turned out on that, and the paint job is definitely cool! It may be just a touch over-weathered but honestly it works - good stuff, man!

  2. Sir, what exactly did you do with sponge to create that weathering? Dip some Chaos Black on it and just dap it on model? Scratch off your base color? And which pigment did you use? Faded Green or something?

    Truly marvelous work. I'm astonished.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, rl got in the way.

      I lay down the base colour and highlights, before using the final highlight colour as the first layer of chipping. In this case astronomicon grey.

      I just dip the piece of sponge lightly into the paint, dab it a couple of time on my palette to remove a bit of the paint, then dab it over the areas of the model where wear might or should occur. By varying the pressure I push on the sponge you can vary the size of the chips.

      Then I go over the same areas with Chardon granite using the same technique.

      The pigments I used were from FW, and we're light rust, old rust and dry mud.

      Hope that helps

    2. Thank you sir, greatly appreciate it

  3. could you please make a tutorial for your sons of horus color? i've been postponing my SoH army for 1.5 years because i cant find a colorscheme im enjoying, and yours is just lovely! any help would be appriciated, hell, a guide would make SO many peoples day!

    1. Sorry, but I won't be able to Dow tut any time soon due to lack of a work space, work, and lack of time. I've tried about a dozen times to post the original tut that I used, but my iPad won't allow me to post links in this reply field for some reason.

      I can tell you however that it is reply #241 in the imperial logs thread DPAs log of everything. Hope that helps mate, sorry for the round about way of showing you.

    2. better than nothing! thanks dude :)that reminds me, i asked a question to DPA and never got a reply, so i guess i can ask you the same: i found TWO Vallejo USMC Tank Crew (panzer aces) paints, one is more green, other is more greyish! could you tell me which one of them you used? if im gonna order paint, i'd like to get it right as im kinda low on funds! again, thanks for the reply! :)

    3. You're welcome, I got caught with that too, the two are USMC tank crew, and tank crew highlight. The one you want is just plain old tank crew. The highlight colour is way too light and doesn't have any of the teal pigments you want to give the blue green look.

      Hope that helps.

    4. it did dude! thank you so very much! the dream of a SoH army might get very real now, thanks to you :)