Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Sons bolter boys

Progress has been slow, but steady, getting into the meat and veg of any SM army now, the bolter carriers, or ablative wounds for you heavy and special weapons if you'd prefer.

Guy on the end is dropping his bolter.

Nothing really exciting going on here, they just need alittle bit more work done to their bases and will have their bolters attached post paint.Still undecided on adding a chain bayonet or two, as I can't remember any actual references to them in the books.

As for paint, well it turns out I ordered 3 of the wrong colour . . . I ordered USMC tanker highlight, when it should have just been USMC tanker. Lesson learnt, so now I'll have to figure out a use for the highlight colour while I wait for the real paint to arrive.


  1. That was a silly thing to do wasn't it...?

    I forgot, is this force being done with a specific tournie in mind? And what happened to putting more pics of the last units you added to the Nid force...?

  2. It was very silly, I'm sure I'll figure out a use for it eventually.

    Not really a specific tournie atm, I'd like to have it done by August/septmeber, but I can't see that happening atm with Uni etc.

    You're like a dog with a bone with those pics aren't you. . .

  3. I am.

    And that reminds me, when will we be seeing Clan Rictus...?

  4. Clan Rictus can wait until I actually have some opponents for fantasy, atm I rarely get to play with my 40k minis, let alone spending precious modelling time on a system I don't get to play.