Thursday, 12 July 2012

Group shot

So all the completely assembled models before primer.

I hadn't realised until I took this pic that the contemptor and Sgt model were in such a similar pose, guess I'll have to add some more variety to the future models.

The basing was done with a mix of cork, crushed slate, glued down with superglue, before adding some secret weapons razor wire.

So more assembly of the rest of the squad to follow, and waiting for paint to arrive. . .


  1. i quite like that their both in similar poses, makes the contemptor feel more alive

  2. i actually like that both are in the same pose. kinda makes the contemptor look more alive

  3. they look good, i actually like that the two are similar poses. makes the contemptor kind of look more alive

  4. Thanks mate.

    Millest: I got email notifications that you commented, but they're not appearing here, weird. Thanks for trying 3 times though :)

  5. Steve: thanks buddy, been a long time since I've seen or heard anything from you! Hope all is well mate.

    Millest: Found your comments in the spam folder (wtf?) Thanks again :)