Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Finished Nids

So I did it!

I finished the tyranid army on time, at 1am the night before the tournament I had finished gluing the grass tufts to the bases.

Pic taken during the "beauty pageant" at QM II 27/05/12

I am also pleased to report that I won best painted :)

Less pleased by the prize of a OOP box of shining spears, but the KR dice box was nice, and will be handy for future tournament outings.

Now just have to paint 170 more spawn-gants *sigh*

The army performed fairly well in game, having a draw against razor spam BA's, a minor loss to CSM (9 obliterators, 2x lash), major loss to CSM (2x defiler, dread, 2 princes, obliterators), a major win against a fairly fluffy SW list (4 Twolves, Twolf lord, rune priest, wolf priest, longfangs, redeemer, 30x grey hunters), and a minor win against a fellow nid (9 hive guard, 2 tervigons, t-fex, prime)

One thing I found was the lack of mobility hampered me in dealing with tanks, especially on terrain heavy tables, the base sizes of the multiple monstrous creatures really hampered my ability to move, and spawning gants compounded this.

Overall I fairly happy with them, and think with a few minor changes (maybe drop one tervigon, prime and a small squad of combat warriors, or hormaogaunts, or trygon) it could become a really challenging list to play against.

Also dawn of war setup with 3 tervigons on the halfway line at the start of the game is nasty!

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  1. Congratulations on the the best painted award dude its deserved :)

    now get cracking on those gaunts ;)