Saturday, 10 August 2013

Gun-servitor WIP

Hello again, procrastination has struck with a vengeance, leading to some more progress on the Ad mech.

Since the last time I showed these guy I've added rivets to the side skirts, a housing around the servitor pilot/driver, a home made gunsight, and a SM search light. And last but not least the brains of the operation, a second servitor from the storm raven.

The legs came from another cultist, just cut off above the belt line, and sandwiched the two parts together, simple really. The guitar string umbilical is to pass on targeting information and directions to the tractor unit, I may add another couple of wires between the two, it looks a bit plain at the moment.

The final gun position will be where the walking servitor is looking, as if the bionic eye has the weapon slaved to it.

I'm a bit happier with how the carriage "sits" in the 40k aesthetic now, but if there is anything you can think that would make it better please let me know.

Thanks fr looking in.


  1. Nice! I'd say the only thing it's missing at this point is the cog-tooth pattern the Ad-Mech are so fond of, but that doesn't necessarily need to be something that's modelled on, it could totally just be painted on the skirts (for example).

    Really dig how that's coming along, man!

    1. Great minds mate, i was already planning that :)Thanks alot.

  2. Looking good but in all seriousness I think it needs more rivets for the Imperial look. While the skirts improve it I think you need more rivets on the original parts to blend it all together with the Imperial look and feel.

    1. Cheers Matt. Looking at it again, I agree. I will try and add some smaller ones, I think it runs the risk of looking orky if I overdo the large rivets.