Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Contemptor #2 - Kheres Mortis

Managed to get a day of modelling in as a reward for finishing all my assignments, and this is what I knocked out.

Kheres Contemptor 
Being the poor uni student that I am now I was forced to make the arms myself. I had previously cast the multimelta for a failed autocannon conversion, so I used it as a base. The ammo hopper is from the front mount of a Leman Russ MBT, the assault cannon barrels are from the stormravens I built for the khorne wing. Cyclone is from the termi box, again because I'm cheap.

The groin had to be cast as well, because I didn't receive one in the package whan I bought him, and seeing as I could, and it would take weeks and alot of hassle to get a replacement I thought this was easier.

I tried really hard to make the cowering fist look like he was actually afraid. It wasnt actually working til i remembered I had a fine cast termi Librarian left over from my conversion for the GK's I never finished.

In the eventual list #2 will play flyer defence, Bs 5 skyfire and 12 assault cannon shots, and 2 krak missiles will ruin most flyers days.